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Working through Aged Care matters is like a maze – there are so many choices which can be overwhelming and confusing for families. Here at Moneyplan we can help you and your family to understand your options whether you are looking at entering:

  1. Retirement Villages
  2. Home Care Packages
  3. Residential Aged Care (including extra service facilities)

At Moneyplan, we can guide you through the many questions you may have including:

  • What accommodation can I afford?
  • Will my financial position improve or deteriorate?
  • Could I be getting more Age Pension?
  • What will the fees be and can I reduce them?
  • What are the options with our home/other property?
  • What is the impact on my beneficiaries after I pass away?
  • Can I manage my cash flow / fees?
  • Can I afford the extra services?

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions and are unsure of the answers, Moneyplan will be able to assist you. Our advice and assistance can include the following:

  • Options available for the family home or other property – implications of selling
  • Strategies to reduce the means tested fees (home care / residential aged care only)
  • Options available to fund accommodation payments
  • Strategies to increase Centrelink/DVA entitlements
  • Completing Centrelink paperwork
  • Review Retirement Village contracts
  • Review Estate Planning position – Wills & Powers of Attorney

So if you are contemplating your options, consider getting some financial advice from Moneyplan, who are specialists in these areas. We will help you come to grips with the complexity of the system and help you make informed financial decisions. We offer a free, no obligation initial meeting whereby we can work through your options and provide some guidance. Where appropriate we may proceed to preparing a fully detailed Statement of Advice which will detail your options, costs and outcomes which can be used as your blueprint. This is a very useful document for discussion with other family members.

Moneyplan can assist in helping adult children successfully confront the common financial challenges faced by a parent entering residential aged care.  It will provide peace of mind and financial certainty for all family members impacted.

Workshops on the new Aged Care rules

In the past we conducted workshops with the aim of informing our clients, employees in the Aged Care industry and other interested individuals about the new Aged Care rules that commenced from 1 July 2014.   If you would like to access the FREE presentation, please click on the link below.

Evelyn Ali has completed further training to obtain the Accredited Aged Care Professional designation. 


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