We have been clients of Moneyplan for over 20 years and benefited significantly from their financial
insights and professional advice. Moneyplan understands each individual client’s circumstances and
objectives, and provides sound targeted advice to achieve those financial outcomes.
— K & N McCartney, VIC
David Russell and the team at Moneyplan Australia continue to exceed our expectations with the
services they provide, the range of products they have to offer and the professional advice and care
given to us. We have no hesitation recommending the services of Moneyplan Australia to anyone
— W & L Lucas, NSW
Mum passed away from terminal cancer in July 2011, after a long and protracted battle. Initially we
didn’t know where to start as we were still grieving. We then met with Rick Daquino of Moneyplan. Although Mum’s insurance policy was through her Industry Super Fund, Rick offered to handle the claim process for us, as the initial dealings with her Super Fund were proving to be difficult, both emotionally and process wise. Rick sorted through what seems to be mountains of paperwork and handled every step of the claim, and after a few months, Dad was paid Mum’s Life insurance benefit.

The claim process made me realised how important it was to receive professional guidance and advice throughout the entire journey. We were fortunate to receive that advice from Rick. I also realised l need to tidy up on my own life insurance arrangements. Once again, I consulted Rick. He ensured l got the correct amount of cover via the most efficient structure to suit my needs. I am comforted by the fact that if I ever needed to go through the claim process again, I know where to turn.
— T Scagliotti, NSW
I have been a client of Moneyplan for over four years. They helped me with the placing of my husband who needed high care in a nursing home and have rearranged my finances. I did not hesitate when a friend asked who my financial adviser was! She in turn is now a client of Moneyplan.
— M Portlock, VIC
Last year, my very elderly parents’ fierce determination to defy ageing and live independently had to give way to reality. A fall ended dad’s mobility and without his guidance, mum’s declining memory proved more serious.

Our parents had always refused to consider options other than remaining in their home of 65 years so faced with the sudden need to organise alternative arrangements, my brother and I needed comprehensive advice. We quickly discovered that aged care is a regulatory minefield. We needed aged care expertise taking account of Centrelink provisions, nursing home cost structures and how to best finance what would be the biggest change of lifestyle our parents had ever experienced.

We contacted Evelyn Ali of Moneyplan Australia and received an immediate, sympathetic and reassuring hearing. In clear, simple terms, Evelyn who was clearly expert and up-to- date, explained the relevant regulatory provisions including some significant upcoming changes. She provided first class advice on how to address the financing. She facilitated dealings with Centrelink and with the nursing home of our choice. She followed up with a comprehensive and clear guide to our situation. She has remained helpful and interested ever since. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— G Symons, VIC
My late father engaged the services of Moneyplan in the mid 90’s. Impressed by their performance he suggested that my wife and I should seek their assistance in shaping our financial future. We did so in 1998 and have accepted their advice in relation to a range of financial products ever since.

Moneyplan after consultation devised a financial plan that met our long term goals. They arranged for implementation of the investment strategy and now continually monitor the performance against the plan, making recommendations for change as necessary. This combined with regular reporting, easy access to support staff and in particular, continuity of our advisor (Garry Ransome) has provided us with a successful outcome.

In addition, Moneyplan were able to assist us with Centrelink enquiries. We have the responsibility for an ageing relative in receipt of a Disability Support Pension. In recent times we have experienced difficulty in communicating with Centrelink, which has been both time consuming and frustrating. Moneyplan now liaise with Centrelink on our behalf which has taken a load off our shoulders.

Over the years we have found Moneyplan to be approachable, competent and professional. We therefore have no reservations in recommending Moneyplan Australia as financial planners.
— N & B McAlister, VIC
In January 2017 our mother was moving to aged care. My sister and I engaged Evelyn Ali from Moneyplan to help us with the financial matters.
Even though we had been running Mum’s affairs for some years we needed help to get things right.

We found Evelyn approachable and knowledgeable. Her timely advice meant we did not have any surprises down the track. It meant we could be more proactive and aware of tax benefits that Mum could get. Evelyn also helped us with Centrelink by explaining their processes and used some shorter routes.

We found we knew much more than other people putting family into aged care after we received the financial advice. We would recommend Evelyn to others. She listens, is courteous and does what she says she will do. We found the whole process very comfortable and like having an easy to read document to refer to.
— Anne & Trish, VIC
Recently we have had to call on Evelyn’s professional advice and expertise when dealing with the Age Care Facility. A quick call was made and what could have easily been a long and protracted issue was quickly dealt with by Evelyn in a professional, competent and swift manner, resulting in a positive outcome in our favour.

Our family members have also used Moneyplan services for financial and taxation advice and have been extremely pleased with the help and guidance provided.

We both have no hesitation in recommending Moneyplan for all financial and investment advice.
— S & R Biscaro, VIC
I can’t express how amazing Money Plan have been in providing advice to my family regarding my mother’s financial position after we recently needed to place her in aged care. This was an extremely stressful period for my family, however, Money Plan were outstanding at navigating us through the aged care labyrinth which is quite complicated and challenging with a minimum of fuss.

Money Plan is an organisation of high achievers who understand financial strategy and are excellent at bringing the strategy to fruition. The Money Plan team work as an integrated high performing unit. Money Plan have highly capable and experienced team members who are excellent at communicating the current financial position and options available to deliver an individual financial goals. Money Plan are a team of people who care about customers and are full of empathy when providing tailored , innovative and informed advice. My family and I have been overwhelmed with the way Money Plan members have delivered outcomes with a minimum of fuss. They just get on and do the job and keep the client informed.

We have absolute trust and confidence in Money Plan as an organisation that delivers, supports and cares about people and deliver quality financial outcomes that take away the worry and stress out of our lives.

Money Plan are a class act, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a reliable, supportive, professional and results oriented organisation.
— A Murphy, VIC