We have over 30 years experience with investment markets and over this time have developed robust processes that form part of our wealth management service.

We will help you develop and stick to an investment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our wealth management philosophy focuses on these key areas:

Structure and strategy – Before placing investments we will consider the overall investment structure, which takes in to account areas important to your situation such as taxation, estate planning, cost, accessibility and the need for cash flow.

Objectives and outcomes – We will develop an investment portfolio that is constructed to meet your specific needs and your desired outcomes.  We want to know why you’re investing money. 

Capital preservation – We believe that while investors want to maximise long term returns, not losing money is very if not equally important. Therefore, an optimal portfolio should seek to maximise returns while at the same time minimise capital loss.

Diversification and active management – Our focus is on minimising risk and loss of capital which aims to promote consistency of returns over the medium to long term. To implement this strategy we ensure there is diversification across all asset classes.

Behavioural coaching – Part of our role is to keep you on track to the long term plan and while we try to ensure a smooth experience, it won’t always be this way. Information is widely available and can be overwhelming at times causing uncertainty. We will educate you, keep you focused on what can be controlled and ensure that you make smart decisions.

Collaboration with external specialists – To ensure the robustness of our process we collaborate with independent investment research houses, stockbrokers and other investment specialists. Moneyplan has its own investment committee which includes an external investment consultant, who meet regularly to discuss the broad markets and economy, portfolio strategy along with individual investments suitable for our clients.

Comprehensive reporting – We provide comprehensive, regular and consolidated investment reporting so that you can keep track of your investment portfolio and overall wealth plan.



Our tailored advice is designed to give you peace of mind. Moneyplan is a boutique financial planning and wealth management practice located in North Essendon. If you would like one of our staff to contact you please don't hesitate to contact us.


Here at Moneyplan, we provide prospective clients with an opportunity to ask an on-line question to one of our financial planners. This online question and answer service is a free offering, to allow clients to experience Moneyplan’s individual service.