Budgeting and Cashflow

Easy ways to improve your home

You don’t need millions to give a house a new lease on life – little things can make a big difference.

Investing in improving the principal in your home is very tax-effective and also has advantages when it comes to the way Centrelink assess your entitlements — because your home is excluded from the assets test. The other benefit of renovations, compared to other types of investment, is that you can actively enjoy and experience the improvements you make.

Managing your finances doesn't need to be complex

In the past personal finance wasn't largely taught by schools and money was somewhat a taboo subject to talk about.  This is slowly changing, with an increase in programs being introduced across schools that aim to educate students with good money habits. 

Practicing sound financial habits doesn't have to be difficult and this article explains 17 simple tips from financially successful people.   

Getting ahead in your 50’s

Life in your 50’s is great. You don’t have a huge mortgage, the kids have grown up and are not as dependant on you, your career has progressed… So what is next financially?When you are in your 50’s you can see retirement on the horizon. Sure it might be 10-20 years off, but it is becoming more tangible. So if you haven’t already, you need to start some serious planning.